Assistance Programs for Sidewalk

Assistance Programs for Sidewalk Repair in NYC

Dealing with damaged sidewalks but don’t have enough resources to fix the damages on your own? Well, worry not, as New York City offers some assistance programs to help you fix your damaged sidewalks without worrying about finances.

These programs are available to people in NYC but one must fulfill the eligibility criteria to avail of them. Once you get approved for the assistance programs, you can rely on the NYC government to get your sidewalks fixed on your behalf.

Usually, the NYC DOT hires professional sidewalk repair companies like Sidewalk Repair Near Me to fix the damages. Professional contractors are the only reliable option to get the sidewalks fixed, as they are aware of the city codes and local climate conditions.

Let us help you understand these assistance programs so that you can get funds for sidewalk repairs in no time.

Understanding Sidewalk Repair Responsibility

Before talking about the sidewalk program, let us first discuss who is responsible for sidewalk repairs in NYC and what is the right time to repair it?. Usually, the property owners are responsible for the repairs of damaged sidewalks adjacent to their residential and commercial properties.

However, there are exceptions. For instance, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation is in charge of maintaining sidewalks damaged by city tree root growth.

Sidewalk Repair Assistance Programs by New York City

Let us now discuss the available assistance programs for sidewalk repairs in NYC offered by the government.

Department of Transportation Program

This program covers free inspections by the Department of Transportation for all types of damages sustained by the sidewalks.


  1. Every property owner, whether they are residential or commercial, is eligible for this program.

For eligibility criteria, you can visit the website of the Department of Transportation and check whether you are eligible or not. 

Process of Applying for a Free DOT Inspection:

  1. Contact 311 and request a free inspection by the Department of Transportation
  2. DOT inspectors will visit you and inspect the damages to your sidewalks
  3. If you are responsible for the repairs, DOT will issue a sidewalk violation notice

Trees & Sidewalk Program

NYC Parks is offering a Tree & Sidewalk Program to help fix sidewalks damaged by tree root growth.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are certain criteria that are assessed before providing assistance for this program. Let us have a look at them one by one.

  1. Sidewalks must be adjacent to one-, two-, and three-family homes (NYC Tax Class 1)
  2. Property must not be used for commercial purposes
  3. The property owner must occupy the property themselves
  4. The damage must be severe and meet program criteria

Process of Applying for the Tree & Sidewalk Program:

Applying for this program is simple and easy and you have to follow the following steps to receive the funding.

  1. Submit a request for a tree & sidewalk Inspection by calling 311
  2. After requesting the inspection, department will assess the condition of your sidewalk and inform you about its eligibility status
  3. After approval, your repairs will be scheduled depending upon the sidewalk inspection rating

Keep in mind that the funding for this program is limited so you might experience delays in the repairs.

Senior Citizen Home Improvement Program

The aim of this program is to provide low-interest loans to eligible low- and moderate-income homeowners for various home improvements, including sidewalk repairs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The property owner must be the primary resident
  2. The age of the property owner must be above 62 years
  3. The income of the property owner must be low or moderate

Process of SCHIP

  1. Contact your local NYC Department for the aging service and apply for the eligibility determination.
  2. If you are eligible, SCHIP will contact a professional contractor and get your sidewalks fixed on your behalf.

Beyond Assistance: Other Considerations for Sidewalk Repairs

Other than the assistance program, there are certain other things that you must be aware of while getting sidewalk repairs in NYC. Some of these things include:

  1. Choosing a qualified contractor
  2. Getting essential permit
  3. Material, cost and timeline of the process

Other than this, you must also keep special conditions in mind. For example, if your home is in the corner of the property, you will be responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk on both sides of the property. 


If your sidewalks are damaged, they will require timely repairs to avoid trip-and-fall injuries among pedestrians. However, without enough resources, it might not be easy for you to pay for the repairs yourself.

The above-mentioned assistance programs are an easy way to get your sidewalks fixed without worrying about financial resources. You just have to apply for the eligibility criteria and if approved, New York City will make essential repairs on your behalf.