What is the right time to repair your sidewalks in NYC?

As a property owner, you might not spend a lot of time thinking about fixing the sidewalks adjacent to your property until they get damaged. Usually, when you come across cracks, potholes, and other wear and tear, this is the time when you decide to make the repairs.

Damages to the sidewalks can occur due to numerous reasons, including improper installation techniques, use of poor-quality material, extreme weather conditions, drainage issues, tree root damages, and much more.

On average, if you maintain your concrete sidewalks regularly, you can keep them in the same condition for about 10 to 25 years. However, your sidewalks might need re-leveling, crack filling, resealing, and resurfacing during this duration.

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When Should You Repair or Replace Concrete Sidewalks?

Sidewalks that become hazardous and cause trip and fall issues among pedestrians must get repaired or replaced on an immediate basis. Let us tell you about the common damages to your concrete sidewalks that might need professional assistance.

Big Potholes

The presence of potholes can affect the foundation of pavements, as rainwater can seep beneath and damage the soil compaction. Moreover, a pedestrian can easily trip and fall on the pothole and get injured. 

For minor potholes, resurfacing the concrete surface can be an efficient choice. However, sidewalks with major potholes and water damage require complete replacement.

Spider Webbing or Alligator Cracks

Spiderweb cracks are easy to detect as they look like spider webs and have an impact point at the center. Similarly, alligator cracks look like the sink of an alligator and are usually caused by concrete contractors. For such cracks, immediately repairing or replacing your concrete sidewalks is essential.

Drainage Issues

If your sidewalks have drainage issues and the water is directed to the wrong place, it can have foundation issues. The water might go into the soil and damage its compaction. Moreover, during the winter, this water accumulated in the soil can freeze and create cracks in the concrete. To fix the drainage issue, completely removing the concrete and installing a new drainage system is the best solution.

Patched Sidewalks

Sidewalks with patch work and multiple repairs not only look unsightly but also violate DOT regulations. Moreover, multiple repairs also impact the integrity of the sidewalks. It is why it is a wise choice to completely replace the damaged sidewalks according to the city codes so that they are safe to use for everyone.

Why Should You Regularly Maintain Your Sidewalks?

If you have installed new sidewalks or replaced damaged sidewalks you must know about Common Sidewalk Fixing Mistakes, you must follow the sidewalk maintenance routine to make them durable. Regular maintenance and upkeep will save your sidewalk from potential weather damage.

Let us tell you a few sidewalk maintenance tips that you can follow.

Signs that You Don’t Need Complete Sidewalk Replacement

There are some minor issues that don’t require complete removal and new installation of sidewalks. Let us tell you what those issues are:

Faded Color: Concrete sidewalks might fade away because of the UV rays. For such sidewalks, you can add sealant to make them look new.

Small Potholes: If your sidewalks have small potholes, you might only need resurfacing and not a complete replacement of the slabs.

Sidewalks with 10 Years of Age: Sidewalks with 10 or less years of age will not require complete replacement. You can simply resurface them and increase their lifespan.

Bottom Line

Sidewalks are an essential structure of your property, as they provide a safe and smooth pathway for pedestrians to use. But if these sidewalks are damaged, both your property’s aesthetic appeal and pedestrian safety will be affected.

If you want to remove damages to the deteriorating sidewalks or want to enhance the look of your old sidewalks, let experts at Sidewalk Repair Near Me help you. We are here to make your sidewalks look safe, smooth, and functional.