ADA-Compliant Sidewalk Repair in NYC

ADA-Compliant Sidewalk Repair in NYC With Your Professional Experts

We are dedicated to providing top-quality sidewalk repair services in New York City, with a focus on ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. We understand the importance of safe and accessible walkways for everyone, and we are committed to creating a safe pedestrian experience throughout the city.

Why Choose ADA-Compliant Sidewalks?

Other than the legal requirement, ADA-compliant sidewalks offer a wide range of benefits for both pedestrians and businesses:

  • Safety: Uneven surfaces, cracks, and raised edges can pose a significant tripping hazard, especially for individuals with mobility impairments, seniors, and those using strollers. ADA-compliant sidewalks with proper slopes and smooth surfaces minimize these risks, promoting safer pedestrian movement.
  • Accessibility: ADA guidelines ensure sidewalks are accessible for everyone. This includes features like curb ramps, tactile warning strips, and wider walkways, making it easier for people with disabilities to use them independently.
  • Aesthetics: Well-maintained sidewalks enhance the overall appearance of your property. ADA-compliant repairs often involve replacing damaged concrete with high-quality materials, resulting in appealing and functional sidewalks.
  • Increased Property Value: Properties with ADA-compliant sidewalks show your commitment to pedestrian’s safety. It can be a valuable selling point for commercial spaces and contribute to more functional residential areas.
ADA-Compliant Sidewalks

Our ADA-Compliant Sidewalk Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your sidewalk meets ADA regulations and provides a smooth, safe passage:

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Yes, with time, the sidewalks might experience damage and wear and tear. Fixing these damages early on to avoid extensive repairs is essential.

There is no penalty for non-compliance with sidewalks but you will receive a violation notice from the Department of Transportation to fix the damages in 75 days.

Average sidewalk repair can take one week or more, depending on the extent of damage, the requirement of permit and the area of repairs.

Usually, a sidewalk opening permit is required for the sidewalk repairs. However, depending on the service, you might need repair, replacement, installation, or heating sidewalk permits.

After the completion of the sidewalk repairs, it is the duty of your contractors to clean the sidewalks and make them safe and accessible.

Yes, as we only invest in high-quality material to provide sidewalk services, we proudly offer a warranty on our sidewalk repairs.