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We have been keeping Bronx sidewalks safe and smooth for over 25 years. Our experienced team tackles all your sidewalk repair needs, whether big or small, using premium-quality material, modern techniques, and unique strategies.

Impact of Neglecting Sidewalk Damage in the Bronx?

Neglecting sidewalk issues can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Trip and Fall Accidents: People might trip or fall over the cracked and uneven sidewalks and might receive injuries like fractures, and cuts.
  • Waterpooling: Cracked sidewalks with big potholes in them can cause the water to accumulate and become a cause of soil erosion and freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Liabilities: Damaged sidewalks can injure the people and they might file lawsuits against you, resulting in heavy fines that you will be liable to pay.
  • Property Value: Damaged and unappealing sidewalks can reduce the overall curb appeal of your property and its resale value.

Our Complete Sidewalks services in the Bronx

We are providing a wide range of sidewalk services for your residential and commercial property to make your sidewalks look safe and accessible.

  • Sidewalk Repair: We fix cracks, trip hazards, and uneven slabs to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Sidewalk Installation: For your new sidewalk construction, we handle everything from permits to professional installation while ensuring city compliance.
  • Sidewalk Curb Repair: Whether you need steel, asphalt, or concrete curb repairs, get in contact with our experts and receive premium discounts.
  • ADA-Compliant Sidewalks: For your commercial property, we install ADA-compliant sidewalks to provide safe and accessible sidewalks to everyone.
  • DOT Violation Removal: Facing a DOT sidewalk violation? Get our reliable services, remove the violations, and get in compliance with city guidelines.
  • Sidewalk Replacement: Are you dealing with damaged sidewalks that are beyond repair? We offer complete sidewalk replacements while following your instructions and requirements.
Sidewalk Repair Bronx

Minor Repairs Vs. Complete Replacement

For minor damages, avail of our sidewalk repair services.

Our sidewalk repair services include:

For major sidewalk damages, we replace the damages and get the sidewalks fixed while adhering to the rules and regulations of the city.

Specific Challenges We Cater In Bronx

As a local Bronx company, we understand the unique needs of our community. We take pride in providing high-quality services while ensuring clear communication and affordable pricing.

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The most common reason why your sidewalks in the Bronx might experience damage is poor drainage system. Water pooling due to this issue can cause the slabs to become uneven and crack.

Yes, we offer free consultations and estimates for all sidewalk repair projects in the Bronx. You just have to reach out to us and discuss the sidewalk requirements with our experts.

Repairing sidewalk in the Bronx usually depends upon the extent of damages and the type of material requirements by our clients. You can get a FREE estimate today by calling us.

YNot getting a permit for your sidewalk repairs in the Bronx results in violations of city regulations. A sidewalk without a permit must be ripped and reconstructed so that the DOT can inspect it’s safety.

We are licensed and certified experts, providing remarkable sidewalk repairs in the Bronx. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to provide services that stand out.

Yes, we have full confidence in the services we provide and you can get a warranty on your sidewalk repair work in the Bronx from our experts.