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We have been a trusted provider of sidewalk repair services in Queens for many years. With a construction licence and proper insurance, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. We take pride in offering top-notch sidewalk repair services throughout Queens. Our experienced team understands the unique demands of Queen's sidewalks, from busy commercial areas to quiet residential streets.
We can effectively address any sidewalk issues, ensuring a safe and smooth walking experience for everyone. With our use of premium-quality material and unique sets of skills, we provide services that survive the test of time.

Our Queens Sidewalks Services

We are offering a wide range of Queens sidewalk services, from repairs to the replacement and installation of new sidewalks.

  • Sidewalk Repair: We handle a variety of sidewalk repairs, from minor cracks and holes to tree root damage and uneven slabs.
  • Sidewalk Installation: For your new residential and commercial property, our team expertly installs high-quality sidewalks that survive the test of time.
  • Sidewalk Replacement: For extremely damaged sidewalks that are beyond repairs, get our complete sidewalk replacement services and ensure pedestrian safety.
  • Sidewalk Curb Repair: Damaged sidewalk curbs are a trip hazard. Get them fixed today to avoid DOT violations and lawsuits.
  • ADA Sidewalk Construction: To make your commercial sidewalks accessible to everyone, get our ADA sidewalk construction service.
  • DOT Violation Removal: Violation notices from DOT can be alarming because your sidewalks are in poor condition. Get the damages fixed today and bring your sidewalks back into compliance.

Considerations for Queens Sidewalks

Our Queens-based team is well-versed in repairing Queen’s sidewalks and understands all the unique requirements.

  • Permit and Legalities: Obtaining a permit to repair your sidewalks in Queens is essential. Our licensed contractors apply to get a permit from NYC DOT before starting the work to abide by city guidelines.
  • Extent of Damage: Before starting the repair process and getting the permit, we inspect the sidewalks and assess the extent of damage. It allows us to determine the cost and duration of sidewalk repairs.
  • Cost and Timeline: Providing a timeline and cost estimate to our clients is our priority. Based on your material choice and construction requirements, we provide cost and timeline estimates so that you can make efficient decisions.
Sidewalk Repair Queens

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You can examine the sidewalks yourself and look for tripping hazards like raised slabs, cracks, and potholes. Also look for signs of water damage, as they indicate drainage issues.

Neglicting sidewalk damages in Queens can lead to injuries among pedestrians. If they file a complaint against the injuries received, you might become liable and have to pay heavy fines.

When tree roots damage the sidewalks, there are visible signs of cracks, raised slabs, and extensive damage. Fix your tree root damage today with our tree root repair services.

Yes, we offer preventative maintenance services for sidewalks, including resurfacing, sealing, and

Yes, we offer customized sidewalk repair and replacement services based on your requirements so that you can get sidewalks of your choice.