9 Mistakes to Avoid When Fixing Your NYC Sidewalk

Dealing with damaged sidewalks? Want to fix the damage yourself but are unaware of the process? Let the professional sidewalk repair near me experts tell you some common mistakes that you can avoid while making durable sidewalk repairs. 

One thing about the sidewalks is that if pedestrians walk on them, they might not only trip but also fall and sustain injuries.  

As a property owner in NYC, it is your responsibility to fix the sidewalks adjacent to your property and to make your sidewalks safe for everyone to use. 

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9 Common Sidewalk Fixing Mistakes 

Want to repair sidewalks according to city rules. Avoid the following mistakes and make your sidewalk repair process smooth, easy, and durable.

Failure to Identify Cause of Damage 

Most people are unable to identify the cause of damage. Before repairing, it is important to identify the underlying reason. Usually, tree roots, heavy water pooling, and soil erosion are the most common causes of sidewalk damage. 

Not Preparing the Site Properly 

People often forget to properly prepare the sidewalks for repair. It is essential for a durable and lasting repair. Site preparation involves removing any hurdles or obstacles and debris like rocks, leaves, and dirt. Neglecting site preparation before repair leads to a poor job, and the sidewalk gets damaged again in a short time. 

Not Using the Right Materials for Repair 

Using the right materials is critical in sidewalk repair. Or else it can cause premature damage and costly repairs in the future. It is important to use good quality materials according to foot traffic, climate, and soil. Only high-quality materials and concrete are necessary for sidewalk repair. Inferior quality concrete would lead to cracks and crumbling, and you would need to get further repairs. 

Neglecting Proper Permits 

A common mistake many people are quality of is not acquiring the necessary permits for sidewalk repairs in NYC. The city requires the acquisition of a permit for any sidewalk repair job. While repairing the sidewalks, ensure you get the permits, or you might have to pay hefty fines and face legal consequences. 

Ignoring Safety Concerns 

Sidewalk repair work can be a dangerous task. One must take safety considerations into account. These include proper safety gear and equipment, gloves, and safety glasses. Also, it is necessary to block the area to keep people from entering. Following all safety protocols for working with concrete is necessary for safety and avoiding legal problems. 

Poor Drainage System 

A proper drainage system is crucial for any sidewalk repair project. Inadequate drainage can lead to concrete damage. Without proper damage, water accumulates on the sidewalks. It can lead to cracks and potholes, which are hazards for pedestrians. One must ensure a proper drainage system while repairing the sidewalk to prevent water from accumulating on the sidewalk.

Not Paying Attention to ADA Requirements 

The ADA Act (Americans with Disabilities) requires all NYC sidewalks to be accessible to disabled people. People ignore the ADA requirements, which leads to legal and safety issues. Ignoring the ADA requirements can result in fines and legal action. Make sure that the sidewalk repair complies with the ADA guidelines. 

Hiring Inexperienced Sidewalk Repair Contractors 

Another common mistake that people make is hiring novice contractors for sidewalk repairs. It is essential to hire trustworthy and reliable sidewalk contractors. Inexperienced contractors can lead to poor workmanship, which could lead to premature damage and costly repairs. 

Neglecting Sidewalk Maintenance 

Once the sidewalk repair project is complete, it is essential to maintain the sidewalk to prevent and slow down future damage. Sidewalk maintenance requires sealing cracks, regular cleaning, and timely addressing any issues that might arise. 


Sidewalk repair is critical for pedestrian safety. One must avoid the common mistakes while fixing sidewalks that can cause further damage or lead to safety concerns. Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes and taking the necessary precautions can ensure a safe, durable, and lasting sidewalk repair that meets all the necessary requirements.